Data Centre Service Optimization

IDEAS proposes to build up and commercialize a disruptive and flexible DCSO (Data Centre Service Optimization) solution that provides the essential features of intelligent power management running in house while other features less frequently used such as design of a DC will be accessible in SaaS (Software as a Service) on demand.


3D representation of data centre assets

IDEAS proposes to solve the initial problem by providing an intuitive way of describing DC assets and building out of this description a 3D representation. Services can then be brokered using a hosted platform that will be part of a DCSOaaS (DCSO as a Service).


Holistic view of data centre performance

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. The goal of a DCIM initiative is to provide administrators with a holistic view of a data center's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.